Imagery in health care: Connecting with life energy

Imagery in Health Care: Connecting with Life Energy SAGE Publications, Inc.1995DOI: 10.1177/153321019500100209 Bonney Gulino Schaub MS, RN, CS New York Psychosynthesis Institute New York, NY Alternative Health Practitioner, Vol. 1. No. 2, Summer 1995. Working with imagery and the power of the human imagination means interacting with the most intimate level of a person’s experience. With these approaches we have the ability to contact deeply held beliefs and hopes. Access to this level of information is an invaluable resource when working with clients who are facing life-challenging illnesses. We have all witnessed a wide variety of human responses to illness and crisis. There are people who, despite the fact that they are seriously ill, respond with hope, vitality, and life-affirming behaviors. They continue to be fully in their life. At other times we encounter people who are totally identified with their illness and the “sick” role. These differences in response are not related to severity of diagnosis or symptoms, but reflect more essentially the per- son’s attitudes, worldview, and sense of self in relationship to the condition. How a person responds to medical illness is not separate from the way he or she has chosen to live.

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