Meditation : Increasing peace in recovery

Meditation is utilized by every culture on earth to relax the body, bring peace to the emotions, and expand spiritual knowledge. Modern health care is now integrating meditation into clinical practice as a method of stress reduction, pain management and improvement in the quality of life (Schaub, 1995a). Pioneering work on the benefits of meditative states has been done by Herbert Benson at Harvard Medical School (1972), Elmer Green at the Menninger Clinic (1977), and Jon Kabat-Zinn (1990) at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Two of Dr. Green’s principal students, Steve Fahrion and Pat Norris at the Life-Sciences Institute of Mind-Body Health, have integrated meditation into the treatment of addiction in a large-scale project with the state of Kansas. By using meditation and visualization with brainwave biofeedback, Fahrion and Norris are teaching people in recovery how to self-regulate their physical state and how to enter into positive, peaceful mental states (1992)…

Our work on same subject is also featured in Meditation : Increasing peace in recovery, in Meditation and Wellbeing, B. Prasad & S. Kapoor (Eds.), Icfai University Press, Hyderabad, India. Schaub, R. (2007)

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