Next Training: Online.  April 17-18,  May 1-2, May 15-16, 2021.

50 Continuing Education Credits, NBCC and NYMHCA.

AHNCC accepts NBCC credits for nurses.  

Fee: $1,795

Early bird special:   Tuition $1,650 if paid in full by February 1, 2021.  Early Bird payment by check only.  Contact us for details:

Clinical Meditation and Imagery Certificate Program


You learn and practice the skills of meditation, imagery and energy practices in a warm professional atmosphere with a small group of fellow students.  The goal is for you to find the best practices that bring internal relaxation, a calm and focused mind, increased connection with meaning and purpose, access to inner wisdom, and an empowered sense of self-care in meeting the challenges of life.

Your training faculty each brings 40 years of clinical experience to this work.  They have used these skills in oncology, cardiology, psychiatry, alcohol and drug treatment, women’s health, adolescent day treatment, private practice, counseling and psychotherapy, nurse coaching, health and wellness coaching, psychospiritual development, graduate school teaching, brainwave biofeedback research, and in the training of hundreds of health and helping professionals internationally.

CLICK Training Topics and FAQ for more information:

Training Topics
Overview of Clinical Meditation and Imagery

This session will not only give you initial skills in meditation and imagery but will empower you with the basic principles, scientific context and authority for your practice.

You will learn energy (ki) meditation practices for self-care and patient well-being.

Relaxed Concentration and Stress Reduction

The benefits of meditation and imagery begin in the unified mind-body state of relaxed concentration.

Medical and Mind-Body Methods

You learn how to introduce and apply your new skills to people suffering from tension headaches, neck and back pain, high blood pressure, stomach problems, and other issues in which fear, stress and anxiety are contributing to physical symptoms.

The Mental Rehearsal of New Attitudes and Behaviors

Test-taking, medical procedures, public appearances, relationship and social challenges, job interviews and other anxiety-provoking situations can be improved through meditation and imagery.

Healing Memories

Through the meditative state and therapeutic imagery, we can affect our memories and bring new understanding and new feeling to them, changing their influence on our present-day life.

Discovering the Wisdom Mind

This source of inner wisdom has many names: it is the mystic’s vision, the artist’s muse, the scientist’s intuition. Roberto Assagioli called it the “higher self” and founded a school of modern psychology, psychosynthesis, to develop a science of the higher self.

Spiritual Imagery and Visualization Meditation

The original purpose of sacred art was to inspire higher states of consciousness. We learn the practices of visualization meditation from both Western and Eastern traditions.

Meditation and Imagery in Integrative Cancer Care

We have trained many patients in meditation and imagery to ease their fear and to approach serious medical issues and the dying process.

Individual Differences in the Paths of Spiritual Development

Meditation and imagery lead to higher states of consciousness and open the path to further spiritual development. By understanding the many different ways people walk on this path, you can assist your clients in accessing the innate transcendent aspect of their nature.

Who is this program designed for?

Healthcare and helping professionals. Psychologists, Mental Health Counselors, Physicians, Registered Nurses and Advanced Practice Nurses, Social Workers, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Teachers, Clergy, Pastoral Care, Certified Health and Wellness Coaches. Other practitioners will be considered on an individual basis.

How is this program different than other meditation or imagery classes?

We have been integrating meditation and imagery into healthcare since 1980. Your study with us gives you pragmatic practices and ideas from the first hour of class.

How is this program taught?

We combine theory, case studies, demonstrations, practicums, webinars and direct personal experiences.

How can I prepare for this program?

Our book, Transpersonal Development: Cultivating the Human Resources of Peace, Wisdom, Purpose and Oneness is the text for this course. Additional suggested readings are referred to throughout the program.

How often is this program offered?

Two intensives per year.

Can I speak with someone who has taken this program?

Yes. Get in touch with us and we will suggest former students to speak with.

How do I register?

Fill out the application and send in with application fee of $100. Your $100 non-refundable application fee will credited toward your tuition when you are accepted.

Tuition may be paid in 2 installments. The first payment is due upon acceptance to program and final payment is due 30 days prior to start of program.

You can pay by credit card via Paypal which is a highly secure online payment system or you can pay by personal check or money order. Make your check out to Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center and mail to:

Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center
2 Murray Court
Huntington, NY 11743

Tuition payment options: $100 application fee

Payment plan for Clinical Meditation and Imagery $900
Payment in full $1,795

Refund policy: You are eligible for a tuition refund, minus a $100. processing fee, if you drop out of the program up to one month before the start. After that time, you are not eligible for refund.

  • Six full days of training
  • Complete training manual
  • Complete set of practice CDs
  • Mentoring/supervision
  • Peer practice sessions

For Application

  • Bonney and Richard, with whom I have worked for many, many years, give us both a reassuring and realistic guide to cultivating wisdom and illumination in our daily lives.

    Frank Lipman M.D., Manhattan’s Leading Physician-Acupuncturist, Author Of Spent, Total Renewal
  • With integrity, intelligence and wisdom, Bonney and Richard's trainings offer you knowledge transformed to direct experience. It's been an integral part of my spiritual practice and professional work. 

    V. Mental Health Counselor In In-Patient Adolescent Program
  • Imagine a group of like minded individuals in an atmosphere of physical beauty as well as professional wisdom guiding you to a path of inner strength. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to study with the masters.

    L. Marriage And Family Therapist
  • The skills learned at the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center enhance my nursing practice benefiting my patients and enhancing my self-care.

    L. Nurse Coach In Private Practice
  • I feel lucky to have such a wealth of knowledge and experiential wisdom out here on Long Island.  Richard and Bonney offer explicit instruction in very practical yet transformative practices to facilitate clients accessing another part of the self for healing.  

    J. Clinical Social Worker
  • Richard and Bonney have created a body of knowledge integrating wisdom from many disciplines.  They present it in a creative, accessible manner which always leaves me accessing calmer and deeper places in myself.  They create a bit of scholarly Tuscany in the heart of Huntington.  Don't miss the experience.

    J. Mental Health Counselor/Special Education Administrator
  • I am so thankful for the many courses I’ve had with Bonney and Richard throughout my 25 years of holistic nursing that have expanded my ability to connect with people on a deeper level of healing.

    J. Holistic Nurse Consultant In A Community Hospital
  • In Bonney and Richard's work, you may have just taken the first step toward finding peace of mind.

    Oprah's Book Live Your Best Life