Transpersonal Nurse Coaching

Transpersonal Nurse Coaching

  • Scope and Competencies of the Art and Science of Nurse Coaching (10 continuing ed credits)
  • Clinical Meditation and Imagery (CMI) (See Clinical Meditation and Imagery page – 50 continuing ed credits)
  • Transpersonal Development (See Transpersonal Development page – 22 continuing ed credits)


The Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center (HMIC) offers training in Transpersonal Nurse Coaching (TNC), which includes a pathway to Nurse Coach board certification. This opens new opportunities for nurses within healthcare, community settings and private practice. All of our training includes the transpersonal perspective, i.e., that each of us has dormant spiritual resources of peace, wisdom, purpose and oneness which can be awakened to reduce our suffering and increase our well-being and resilience.


What is Transpersonal Nurse Coaching?
  • TNC is a deep clinical understanding of how to apply meditation, awareness and energy practices, imagery, and the power of the imagination in clinical settings.
  • TNC is not focused on pathology and diagnosis.  It is pro-active, skill-based, health-promoting.  It is also educational – teaching patients how to awaken their deeper resources in difficult times.
  • The nurse is not suggesting or creating experiences but rather is awakening what already objectively exists in each patient.
  • The awareness practices that awaken the patient’s resources are safe, effective, time-tested and easy to learn.  They require no predetermined belief or mindset and are appropriate for a multi-cultural patient population.
  • When patients have an experience of their transpersonal qualities of inner peace, guiding inner wisdom, life purpose or oneness, they will naturally want to give the experience a meaning. In TNC, patients are guided toward making their own meaning out of their experiences.

What are your next steps?

Scope and Competencies of the Art and Science of Nurse Coaching

10 approved contact hours

Self-paced on-line program. This course is available now.

This course provides the essential Nurse Coach theory and competencies that prepare nurses for their Nurse Coach board certification exam.

Which nurses should take this course?

  • Nurses who plan to take the American Holistic Nursing Credentialing Corporation’s Nurse Coach Board Certification exam.
  • Nurses with no coaching background who want to have a general introduction to nurse coaching and some basic coaching skills to enhance their nursing practice.
  • Nurses needing these 10 continuing education hours* to be applied toward their RN license renewals and recertifications.

Taught by Lisa Davis, RN, PhD, and Heidi Taylor, RN, PhD

Ongoing open enrollment.  For more information:

This continuing nursing education was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation



The American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation has all the information on requirements and practice experience required for taking the exam for Nurse Coach Board Certification. Go to:  Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center’s training program offers all the needed contact hours.