Transpersonal Intelligence

Dante’s Path: Vulnerability and the Spiritual Journey

Dante’s Path guides you along the steps of the classic Western spiritual journey. Oprah’s “O Magazine” called the first edition (2003) of Dante’s Path “divine therapy,” and letters came in from clergy, counselors, nurses, executives, teachers, soldiers, and seekers of many backgrounds telling how Dante’s Path helped them to increase their conscious contact with their innate spiritual nature. This new second edition is filled with specific steps, methods, detailed explanations and images so that you can go on the classic spiritual journey for yourself.

The Florentine Promise: A Seeker’s Guide

The Florentine Promise speaks to any of us who ask questions and seek answers to the uncertainties and mysteries of being alive. Since so many spiritual seekers in every time and culture have come before us and left clues to the mysteries, we can say with certainty that the answers are known to exist in your deeper nature.

Transpersonal Development: Cultivating the Human Resources of Peace, Wisdom, Purpose and Oneness

We respond to the need of professionals in health care, human services, education and businesses who are searching for something more to bring to their work and personal lives. Florence Press was founded by pioneers in the field of transpersonal psychology.

We are dedicated to readers who want to cultivate their Transpersonal Intelligence℠.  Transpersonal means beyond the personality, and Transpersonal Intelligence℠ refers to recognizing and awakening the qualities of the transpersonal aspect of human nature.  These qualities are inner peace, inner wisdom, life purpose, and oneness.

Transpersonal Development

    • Transpersonal Development, Vol. 1: Cultivating Inner Peace
    • Transpersonal Development, Vol. 2: Cultivating Inner Wisdom
    • Transpersonal Development, Vol. 3: Cultivating Connection and Oneness

Based on training hundreds of health professionals internationally, Dr. Richard Schaub has created a series of guided meditations to increase inner strength and inner peace.

We specialize in works that integrate science and spirituality into a pragmatic vision of human possibilities for healing and new development.

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